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Network Patch cables - Cat5, Cat5e & Cat 6

We specialize in all RJ45 10Base-T Patch cords.  RJ45 CAT-5,CAT-5E, and CAT-6 Gigabit molded, shielded or cross-over, we can do it.  All UTP/STP patch cords comply to  quality standards ISO 9002. Feel free to browse for prices or just call us at

RJ45 patch cords - Economical

       Cat-5 UTP RJ45 Patch Cords Economical

patch cords - Economical with boots

       Cat-5 RJ45 UTP Patch Cords Economical with boots

RJ45 Enhanced patch cords - U.S. made

Cat-6 RJ45 High Performance  Multimedia Cables

Cat-5E RJ45 UTP 350Mhz Enhanced Patch Cords

Cat-6 RJ45 UTP High Performance Multimedia Cables

Cat-5 RJ45 SHIELDED Patch Cords

High Speed T1 Cables

Cat-5, CAT5E and CAT-6 RJ45 SHIELDED Patch Cords

       High Speed T1 RJ-48 and D15  SHIELDED Cords

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