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PC Cables/Adapters

Apple Cables
Extension Cables
Keyboard Extension Cables
Monitor Extension Cables
SUN Cables
Super VGA Cables
Printer Cables
Type-1 Cables
USB Cables
Firewire Cables
Gender Changers
Keyboard/Mouse Adapters
Serial Adapters
Power Cables

SCSI Products
Ribbon Cable
0. 8MM Ultra SCSI3 Cables
ATA66 / 133 Cables - 80C
LVD - SUPER Ultra 320 Cables
LVD Internal TWISTED PAIR Cables HP68 - HP68
LVD SCSI Internal and External Terminators
SCA 80 Adapters - Internal
SCA 80 Adapters - Internal
SCSI External Terminators
SCSI Internal Cables
SCSI Internal Cables IDC-50 to IDC-50
SCSI Internal Terminators
SCSI Internal to External / bracket Adapters
SCSI Switches
SCSI1, SCSI2, SCSI3 External Cables
SCSI3 Cables
SCSI3 Internal Adapters
SCSI3 Internal Cables HP68 - HP68
SCSI3, SCSI2 External Adapters
SCSI-III LVD Round Cable
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) Cables
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) External Adapters & Terminators
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) Internal Adapters

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