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PC Cables/Adapters
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USB & Firewire
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Standard and Custom Computer Cable Manufacturing

Network Equipment, Network Installation Tools & Accessories

We are is a high quality manufacturer of custom and standard cable assemblies for OEM, corporate and reseller customers in the computer, industrial, and communications equipment industries worldwide.

If you are dealing with computer, networking and communication products and accessories, i.e., you sell them, repair them, install them, or operate them, we want to be your Connectivity Source, and we will work hard to win your trust. Our unparalleled services will make your experience with us as memorable as the quality and price of our products.

You will find a good part of our products in the Online STORE outlined below. However, we offer much, much more... So, we invite you to
Request a Custom Quote , E-mail or call us Toll Free: Call for personal attention on any custom spec requirements.

Experience Cable Manufacturing at its Best!


Fiber Optic Cables

FDDI Cables
Biconic to Biconic Cables
Biconic to SC Cables
D4 Cables
E2000 APC to E2000 Cables
E2000 APC to E2000 APC Cables
E2000 to E2000 Cables
E2000 to FC Cables
E2000 APC to LC Cables
E2000 to LC Cables
E2000 to LC Simplex Cables
E2000 APC to SC Cables
E2000 to SC Cables
E2000 to SC APC Cables
E2000 to SC APC Simplex Cables
E2000 to SC Cables
E2000 to SC Duplex Cables
E2000 to SC Simplex Cables
E2000 to ST Cables
LC Fiber Cables
LC to Biconic Cables
LC to FC Cables
MT-RJ Cables
MU Fiber Cables
SC to FC Singlemode Cables
SC to FDDI Multimode Cables
SC to SC Multimode Cables
ST to FC Fiber Cables
ST to SC Multimode Cables
ST to SC Singlemode Cables
ST to ST Multimode Cables
ST to ST Singlemode Cables
VF45 to LC Cables
VF45 to SC Cables
VF45 to VF45

Fiber Optic Adapters
Fiber Optic Attenuators
Mode Conditioning Cables

PC Cables/Adapters

Apple Cables
Extension Cables
Keyboard Extension Cables
Monitor Extension Cables
Printer Cables
Type-1 Cables
USB Cables
Firewire Cables
SUN Cables
Super VGA Cables
Gender Changers
Keyboard/Mouse Adapters
Serial Adapters
Power Cables

PC Products
USB PEN Drives
USB Hubs
Power Poles

Auto Switchboxes
Interface Converters
Line Boosters
Manual Switchboxes
VGA / Keyboard Switchboxes

Tools & Testers

LAN Cables

DSX Cables
Fiber Channel Cables
LAN RJ45 - T1 Cables
Protocol Converters
RJ45 CAT-5 UTP Cables
RJ45 CAT-5E UTP Cables
RJ45 CAT-6 UTP Cables
RJ45 Cat-5 STP Cables
RJ45 Cat-5E STP Cables
RJ45 Cat6 STP Cables
V35 Cables
Weco Cables

Telco Cables
25PR CAT-3 Telco Cables
25PR CAT-5 Telco Cables

LAN Hardware

10/100 Switches
10/100 Switch with Fiber Connectivity
DSL Cable Modem Routers
GIGABIT Switches
Hubs and Switches
Jacks, Wall plates etc
Media Conversion and Slide in Modules
Media Converters
NICs / Copper
NICs / Fiber
Patch Panels
Wireless Products

OEM Cables

3COM Cables
Baynetwork/Wellfleet Cables
Cisco Cables


USB Cables
USB Hubs
USB PEN Drives


Firewire Cables




SCSI Cables

0. 8MM Ultra SCSI3 Cables
ATA66 / 133 Cables - 80C
LVD - SUPER Ultra 320 Cables
LVD Internal TWISTED PAIR Cables HP68 - HP68
LVD SCSI Internal and External Terminators
SCA 80 Adapters - Internal
SCA 80 Adapters - Internal
SCSI External Terminators
SCSI Internal Cables
SCSI Internal Cables IDC-50 to IDC-50
SCSI Internal Terminators
SCSI Internal to External / bracket Adapters
SCSI Switches
SCSI1, SCSI2, SCSI3 External Cables
SCSI3 Cables
SCSI3 Internal Adapters
SCSI3 Internal Cables HP68 - HP68
SCSI3, SCSI2 External Adapters
SCSI-III LVD Round Cable
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) Cables
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) External Adapters & Terminators
VHDCI 68 (0.8mm) Internal Adapters


Inline Adapter Couplers
Modular Adapters
BNC Plugs, Terminators
BNC Tools
D SUB IDC Type Connectors
D SUB Crimp Type Connectors
D SUB Hoods, Thumbscrews
D SUB Solder Type Connectors
IDC Flat Ribbon, Dual Row Header
IDC Flat Ribbon, Dual Row Socket
IDC Flat Ribbon, SCSI Flat Ribbon Type
RJ connectors, 4P4C, 6P4C, 8P8C RJ45 CAT-5 Plugs
RJ connectors, RJ45 Colored Boots
Telco Connectors
V35 Connectors

Bulk Wire

CAT-5 Cable
CAT-5E Cable
CAT-6 Cable
Coaxial Cable
Flat Ribbon Cable
Multi Core Cable
Telephone Cable

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